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Fear Their Vision

Protesting The Bulletin's GOP Nominee.



Writing to encourage Central Oregon citizens, especially women and feminist men, to protest The (Bend) Bulletin’s support of the GOP Nominee for President, M. Romney. The GOP has taken women’s status to 1950 conditions [by] removing or limiting abortion rights state by state, removing support for Planned Parenthood, women’s health, and children’s health services. The Bulletin’s flagrant support of the GOP, via Romney is a clear indicator of their vision of the future.

Additionally, Romney has clearly stated in recent press releases he wants to expand the military.  Since drone attacks are already killing thousands of civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen, one can only wonder what other nation the GOP wants to bomb nightly in your name.

Lastly, please write-in the other GOP candidate, R.Paul, as Obam-ney is not the way to a more equitable world.



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