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Fences For Fido has unchained over 2000 dogs living outdoors in the Pacific Northwest since 2009. Last year alone, we unchained more than 200 dogs and unchain at least 20 more dogs every month. We ease the pain and suffering of dogs living outside on chains by providing fenced yards so dogs can live in freedom. When we learn about a chained dog, we immediately deliver a custom-built, insulated dog house with warm dog beds inside. Critical vet care and spay/neuter are also core to our mission. We refer to this work as “Love in action!” Join us!


$30 Provides a bag of dog food for a hungry Fido

$80 Provides a dog house for warmth, day and night

$150 Will spay or neuter and basic veterinary care

$400 Builds a fence for a small yard

$800 Builds a fence for a medium yard

$1000 Builds a fence for a large yard or multiple Fidos

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