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Shaolin Warriors: They Know Kung-Fu



In an increasingly modern world where flying robots deliver mail and everyone carries a tiny miraculous pocket computer, it can be easy to forget that there are still sacred mountains in the heart of China where people dedicate their lives to principled meditation and martial arts. The closest many of us have ever been to a real martial arts master is the front row of a Jackie Chan movie, so we're far from a traditional world.

The Shaolin Warriors are here to show that these traditions are still alive and strong. Elite fighters in peak physical condition, trained from early childhood in an ancient Buddhist temple and devoted to millennia of tradition, the Shaolin Warriors sound like fantastical characters from an exotic action movie. Far from fictional, these incredible athletes are representatives of a profoundly dedicated and time-honored way of life that can be hard to imagine in our cozy little town of modern convenience.

Upholding the Chan Buddhism principles and unique fighting techniques of the world-famous Shaolin Monastery, The Shaolin Warriors have been touring since 1999, inspiring international audiences with their uncanny strength and courage. Showcasing endurance, agility and discipline, the show combines the principles of the many different martial arts that make up the distinctive Shaolin style, as well as highlighting some key elements of Chan Buddhism.

For practitioners of a faith focused heavily on meditation, these fighting monks know how to deliver a pulse pounding performance. From the hypnotic unity of Kung-fu choreography to the eye-popping drama of whirling weapons, the Shaolin Warriors promise a unique experience that packs the graceful but explosive action of a martial arts film into the intimate space of our own Tower Theatre. The world today is full of distractions. It's loud and inescapable. There are very few of us who could drop everything and meditate on the precise simplicity of Tai chi or the perfect balance of a sword, and fewer still who would want to. The fast pace of mainstream life is compelling and strong.

The Shaolin Warriors remind us that this ancient knowledge is not lost to us, and there are still those who recognize the sacred in things such as repetition, pattern, effort and discipline. There is an old magic in the simple and profound, and it's anything but boring.

Shaolin Warriors

Tuesday, Feb. 7. 7:30pm

Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend.


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