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The Metropolitan Opera: Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg

While Regal has been playing the Met's operas for several years now, they have never assaulted the senses so thoroughly with an opera so unyeildingly long. Die Meistersinger is listed on Fandango as six hours long, even though most versions of the show run around four and a half hours. Either way, come on down and envelope your entire day in some Wagner, but don't forget your pee jar and several cheeseburgers.

9 am. Sat., Dec. 13. Old Mill Stadium. $18-$24.

The Royal Ballet: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

While Johnny Depp might not be anywhere in sight, the Royal Ballet in on point when it comes to mashing up timeless classics and beautiful dancing. Running at a breezy three and a half hours, expect some of the finest dancing in the world surrounded by sumptuous stage design and gorgeous music. Bring your kids, but feed them turkey or whiskey beforehand so they can make it through.

7 pm. Tue., Dec. 16. Old Mill Stadium. $15-$18.

Awake: The Life of Yogananda

If Bend loves one thing it's dogs, but if it loves two things it's dogs and yoga, and this documentary about the Hindu mystic who brought meditation and yoga to the West in the 1920s should be delightful. Bring your yoga pants! I know, you would have anyway.

7:30pm. Tue., Dec. 16. Old Mill Stadium. $10.50.

Die Hard

The greatest Christmas movie ever made about the most important prophet of our time, Detective John McClane. While on initial viewing, one could be mistaken in thinking that the film is just about a New York City police detective killing terrorists on a mission to save his wife from Alan Rickman, it's actually about being with the ones you love even if you're barefoot and there's a bunch of broken glass between you and your heart's desire. Bring your kids and teach them the most important lesson of Christmas: That to truly be an adult one must vanquish one's enemies while belting out charming witticisms simultaneously. I LEARNED IT FROM YOU, DAD! Presented by the Source Weekly with beer from Worthy Brewing!

7 pm. Wed., Dec. 17. Old Stone Church. Free.


The movie that made us fall in love with Zooey Deschanel before we fell out of love with Zooey Deschanel. Charming, hysterical and heartwarming, this was the movie where Will Ferrell dove his way into our hearts and burrowed there like a Christmas tape worm or one of those ear things from the Wrath of Kahn. A damned holiday delight.

6 pm. Tue., Dec. 16. Tin Pan Theater. Free.

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