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The Breakfast Club 30th Anniversary

Don't you...forget about The Breakfast Club. While some of the fashion might be dated, the themes of alienation and class struggles in high school are still as important and topical today as they ever were. Bend's own Thomas Del Ruth was the cinematographer on this modern classic and shared a pretty great story with the Huffington Post earlier this year. Because it was a closed set, the lighting rigs were intense and the set always fluctuated in heat to around 95 to 110 degrees. "They often dozed off in the heat. They'd start snoring," Del Ruth said. "We had to have the assistant directors go wake them up in the middle of the shots. We had to hire two additional assistant directors to just work the second floor and keep the crew awake so they wouldn't snore and ruin the sound takes." Sure, you can go to this anniversary screening. . . or WAIT THREE WEEKS AND ATTEND BENDFILM/THE SOURCE'S SCREENING WHICH INCLUDES A LIVE Q&A WITH DEL RUTH, AND COSTUME CONTEST!

Thursday, March 26. 7:30 pm. Old Mill Stadium. 680 SW Powerhouse Dr. $12.50. OR: PURCHASE TICKETS NOW FOR BEND FILM'S SCREENING AT BENDTICKETS.COM (and our event is actually cheaper).

Watermaster: Water History of the Deschutes

Being that the water in the Deschutes, dammed of otherwise, has been such a hot button topic over the last year, the timing of this film couldn't be better. The documentary follows the history of water management in the Deschutes basin, as well as the legacy of watermaster Bob Main, who passed in 2013. I have seen people in Tin Pan Alley scream in each other's faces about Mirror Pond and dams and all sorts of water-related shenanigans, so any film that can actually shed some light on the historical context of the Deschutes and bring some facts to the argument is all right by me.

Tuesday, March 31. 7 pm. McMenamins Old St. Francis. 700 NW Bond. FREE

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