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Nfinity Champions League 2

Here it is: The moment we've all been waiting for. Every single day of your life has been building to this. While the birth of your children was nice and all, the Nfinity Cheerleading Championships shall make that first beautiful wail pale in comparison. This year the blood, sweat, and cheers move from Georgia to sunny Los Angeles as "22 league members return to the big screen allowing eight spots for Level 5 teams to 'Play-In' to the league." I don't know what a word of that means, but holy heck does it sound exciting. With teams like the Lady Bullets, the Shooting Stars, and Lady Lightning, expect this competition to blow your face off of your head and into the gutter with all the other faces.

7 pm, Thursday, April 2. Old Mill Stadium. 680 SW Powerhouse Dr.

Beyond the World of Interstellar

Just in case last year's sci-fi Interstellar simultaneously made you feel incredibly smart and completely lost, here is a behind-the-scenes look at one of last year's most hotly debated films. Some people found it a thought provoking look at our future if we continue to treat the Earth the way that we do (i.e. poorly), and others thought it was overly sentimental and nonsensical fluff. Either way, people were talking about it. This director's cut of the film features never-before-seen footage and interviews, a chat with physicist Kip Thorne, and a musical performance by composer Hans Zimmer. The new footage will be cut into the film, which will be shown in its entirety, followed by the interviews and bonus features. Three hour and ten minute running time.

7 pm, Tuesday, April 7. Old Mill Stadium. 680 SW Powerhouse Dr.

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