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Film Events 8/28-9/4

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary, Frozen, and The Amazing Spider-Man



Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary

Not that there needs to be a good reason to see Ghostbusters on the big screen, but the 30th anniversary seems like as good a reason as any. Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Ayckroyd, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis, Annie Potts, Sigourney Weaver and William Atherton as that jackass Walter Peck work their way into your heart as a damaged group of individuals busting ghosts, literal and figurative. Weaver's Dana Barrett is haunted by not only Gozer, but by her desire to be an independent and powerful woman in a decade where slicked back hair and white male oppression were dominant. Her relationship to Dr. Peter Venkman balanced well because his mental illness was an allegory for... Nah, just messing with you. This movie is amazing, but you already knew that because everyone alive has seen it already.

Thursday, August 28, 7 & 9:45pm. Old Mill Stadium.


I know it's not nice to joke about murdering children but the next kid caught singing "Let it Go" might be held over the railing at Tumalo Falls and let the hell go. Other than that insipid ear worm of a song, Frozen deserves all the respect and accolades that it gets for being the proto-feminist Disney film, although Brave and Mulan would like to have a word about that. It is nice to see an animated film where the female isn't always a damsel in distress and the prince isn't always charming but, aside from deftly written characters, the story itself is fairly simple and rote. Hopefully this week Munch and Movies will have fewer technical issues because the amount of screaming children could possibly kill everyone in Northwest Crossing.

Friday, August 29, Dusk. Compass Park, Bend.

The Amazing Spider-Man

It is not the worst Spider-Man movie (that is Spider-Man 3) and it is not the best (that is Spider-Man 2), but it could have been much worse and much better. Andrew Garfield is a phenomenal Peter Parker and Emma Stone is the dreamiest Gwen Stacy that ever dreamed which makes the film much easier to swallow than a spider swallowing a fly. Spider-Man faces off against Dr. Curt Connors who becomes a giant evil lizard known as The Lizard, while falling in love, going to high school and puking up balls of webbing. This is the final film in the Sunriver Twilight Cinema series for the summer.

Sunday, August 31, 6 pm, SHARC, Sunriver.

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