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Finish What Ya Started

I just want to give a big shout out to the city for such a dynamic job of paving 14th street last Friday morning. Oh


I just want to give a big shout out to the city for such a dynamic job of paving 14th street last Friday morning. Oh wait, I completely forgot, they abandoned the project for the weekend. As a resident living on the heavily-traveled stretch between Newport and Galveston, I have to say I am awed by the fact that the project wasn't wrapped up this past Friday. After all, I was awoken a little after 7 a.m. by the earsplitting sound of grinding asphalt, and bewildered to find a brightly orange clad worker standing in the center of my well manicured grass lawn yapping away on his cell phone, and even more so when I opened my front door to ask "wtf?" only to receive a shoulder shrug and smirk as he meandered across to a piece of equipment. I would have thought that with the army of workers that perhaps the project would have not headed into the next week - after all, with multiple sign bearers slouching around at either roundabout, it is quite obvious that no money is being wasted to ensure a smooth ride from one westside main vein to the next. Maybe someone could clarify though why it takes three sign holders per end, a whopping total of six, to dissuade drivers from traveling the stretch being worked on? As if the large signs, cones and barriers were not enough... Oh, and I also forgot to mention a big scraper machine thingy and semi trucks, a pretty obvious "don't drive down here," signal. I totally understand that this needs to be done, but my gripe is that with so many individuals, so much equipment, and the fact that the road is completely shut down, why not just finish? Instead all of us 'westsiders' get the pleasure of driving the equivalent of a Third World alleyway for the weekend - minus scavenging dogs and beggars of course. Who knows? Maybe the foreman suggested the entire crew knock off early for pitchers riverside because the weather was so nice. But at least I get to look forward to some strange man yapping away on his phone mid lawn come Monday morning. Who knows, if I offer him coffee, maybe he won't smirk at me.


AK, Bend

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