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Fire Reported Near Tumalo Reservoir

Fire location is unclear. One report places it near the intersection of Collins Road and Tumalo Reservoir Road.



A fire near Tumalo Reservoir has been reported and is being termed a “full suppression fire,” by local fire officials.

The location of the fire is unclear.

Officials with the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center said the fire was burning on Oregon Department of Forestry lands, near other open land owned by Oregon Department of Lands, said Grant Kemp, the acting operations manager of COIDC.

However, a resident of the Tumalo area said the fire is burning near the corner of Collins Road and Tumalo Reservoir Road very near homes and other structures.

The fire was a quarter acre initially, but fire officials could not confirm the current size of the blaze.

“They all start small,” said Kemp.

The fire was originally spotted by a Central Oregon fire crew helicopter heading to a fire in the Willamette National Forest, said Kemp.

“We are lucky that the helicopter spotted it as they were flying over,” said Kemp.

The helicopter stopped, put on its bucket and is began fighting the fire, he said. At least a half dozen fire engines have also been spotted heading toward the fire.

The cause of the fire is also unknown, but Kemp noted recent lightning could be related.

People living in the Tumalo Reservoir area may want to take precautions such as watering lawns and clearing forest debris from around their properties.

“It doesn’t take much to start a fire these days,” said Kemp. “We’ll be there until it’s out, especially at this time of year.”

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