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First Friday's First Host

Barbershop has cutting-edge idea



Call it First Friday: The Next Generation.

Sure, you can still find plenty of art on Bend's most festive night of the month. That's not likely to change anytime soon. It's an "artwalk" after all, with galleries at their brightest and shiniest. There's plenty of live music, too.

Now, Bishops Barbershop, in a push to get on the "alternative" First Friday map, has added a new twist. They recently hired local stand-up comedian Katy Ipock as their regular host,—meaning she'll preside over the live events the shop has planned. The past two months featured a raucous (and generally hilarious) lip sync battle, while local rockers Cosmonautical are set to perform next.

"Katy has been an amazing fit," says Manager Samantha Berroth. "She really helps keep our events on track and her hosting skills far surpass what myself and the rest of the Bishops staff could do." 

As for Katy, well, it's a challenging gig, even for a seasoned comic like her. "There's a huge difference between performing for a crowd who came to a venue specifically for a comedy show, and people who are milling around Downtown for First Friday.

"You have to work hard to get their attention."

First Friday with Katy Ipock

Bishops Barbershop

130 NW Oregon Ave, Bend

Fri., June 2, 7-9pm


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