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Former Bend Mayor: Jeff Eager on Local Government 🎧 [with podcast]

Jeff Eager, author of the "Bend Business Roundup," shares his views on lockdowns, protests, public health and polarization

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For this week's "Bend Don't Break" podcast, we talk with Jeff Eager who is a business attorney and former mayor of Bend. He shares his perspective on the coronavirus lockdowns, the protests against police brutality and the need for competent leadership in the wake of a worldwide pandemic. He attributes increasing polarization to the media’s focus on national issues and the shrinking support for local news outlets. Eager has amassed a loyal following for his blog and newsletter “Bend Business Roundup" which blends political commentary with his experience as a lawyer to provide a conservative synthesis of the prominent issues of our time.

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“The economy locally is probably doing a lot worse than what feels like right now, and that’s papered over to a degree by the federal funding that came in for small businesses and the boost in unemployment insurance…,” Eager said when asked about what he’s hearing from the local business community.

Eager brings his experience as an attorney and Bend City Council member to dissect some of the issues with the Bend Police Department’s union contract and how it makes it difficult to discipline and fire officers. He explains the state’s new corporate activity tax and why some business owners continue the fight against it in light of the economic downturn. We tackle some tough topics such as the role of government in society, the effect of social media on political culture and the future of local politics in Bend.

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