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Forwards or Backwards?

As I was driving down the road this morning I was listening to the Democracy Now show on KPOV 106.7 radio. They were telling



As I was driving down the road this morning I was listening to the Democracy Now show on KPOV 106.7 radio. They were telling how Obama keeps saying let's move forward and not look back. That got me to thinking and some would tell you that it is not a good idea to get Old Hobe to thinking. What is forward or backward? Like our government I can label the same direction both ways. For instance, we started out as a Republic run by Statesmen. Then about 1860 we started a switch over into a Democracy run by part politicians and part Statesmen. Those in office claimed they were moving us forward into a better life and our lives did improve. Then about 1912 they moved us into a privately run banking system, which has cost the citizens billions of dollars. Now comes the 1930s and we move forward to include many government programs that socialized our nation. Now we have a total socialistic democracy totally run by politicians.

Today we have a president who wants to move forward and not look back. I say Praise the Lord and Halleluiah; if only he will do 180 degree turnabout and head us back into becoming a Republic run by Statesmen again. Otherwise, back up as it just isn't working. At least it has not for the last six decades. Back in the '70s when I was working for GM, the oft-repeated comment was "GM is too big to fail." I always commented, "the bigger they are the harder they fall." Most politicians and especially the person in the White House today seem to have GM's attitude of the 70s. I pray that they take a lesson from GM and begin to put a good firm footing under America again. While I greatly admire our Founding Fathers, I dearly hope we do prove them right for they predicted that if we had a democracy run by politicians, our children would wake up someday no longer free.

Dayton H. (Hoby) Herron

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