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Free of Pretense; Full of Delivery

Bridge 99 shows age ain't nothing but a number



As a young brewery, Bridge 99 has little time on the scene. espite its youth, it is wise beyond its years, with very good beer and zero showboating.

For the April 9 tasting at Platypus Pub, Bridge 99 brought four beers: Wizard Falls IPA, Candle Creek Pale, Red Rock Red, and Bull Trout Stout. Three were good, but one stole the show.

Bull Trout Stout is a coffee lover's beer. Its aroma alone ranks it among Bend's best smelling beers. Along with strong roasted coffee aromas and flavors comes a dark chocolate finish. No more bitter than a cup of black coffee, and just the right amount of sweet malty flavors keep every sip balanced and delicious. For pairing this beer with food, look no further than a great slice of cheesecake. Both the beer and cake will reach new heights.

While still early in the game for Bridge 99, the beer presented at the Platypus tasting spoke volumes about the potential of this brewery. Bridge 99's humble beginnings could simply mean it's a sleeper hit, soon to break out and be sought by far more than Bendites.

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