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Friday Mixtapes! (That's right, TWO!)




A keen eye would have caught both Friday Mixtapes in this week's issue of the Source; one for dogs and one for humans.

Okay, that's not entirely true; the former wasn't necessarily music for dogs. If it was it would have featured less music and more neighborhood sounds like the clomp of a mailman's boots against the sidewalk. In actuality, the mixtape merely took a look at some of the more prominent songs either about dogs or that otherwise use K-9 vernacular. It's a fun little playlist and it's streaming below.

The second mixtape was very much for humans; especially since dogs don't have thumbs and can't drive cars. Read more about that once once you're done listening to some paw-some dog tunes.


The great American road trip:

Cruising down the open high road with the windows rolled down, listening to a traveling tune, while heading back to Cali; everyone loves a road trip.

By the time U.S. Route 66 became the first completely paved highway in 1938; it had already been dubbed the “mother road” and served as the first real connection between the mid-west and the California coast for motorists. And even though it’s run technically only lasted until 1985, the freedom-filled feeling of traveling that road permeated American culture and today a road trip remains one of our most important past times.

This Friday Mixtape contains 25 classic to contemporary tracks either about putting rubber to pavement or that otherwise capture the emotion of traveling or a longing for home. Download this playlist on Spotify for offline listening and hit the road to songs from The Beach Boys, Stone Temple Pilots and Sufjan Stevens.

There’s also a brand new track by RAC and YACHT romanticizing an aimless drive around Los Angeles on the “405,” proving that even bands that spend a ton of time on the road touring still find something irresistible about hopping behind the wheel for an evening cruise.

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