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From Costume-Less, to Costume-Best

A nationally recognized makeup expert has tips for throwing together a last-minute costume



It happens every year: October rolls around and you end up making last-minute Halloween plans. But not only did you forget about plans, you totally spaced the most important thing—a good costume. Again.

Linda Belcher executed to perfection. - SUBMITTED
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  • Linda Belcher executed to perfection.

If you're reading this now and realize you still need to throw something together, don't panic! There are plenty of easy, last minute options.

Rule #1 to remember is that thrift stores are costume building sanctuaries. Even if you don't have a character in mind, you can get tons of inspiration from the clothing or accessories there—and it's cheap. A few years ago my girlfriend and I were about five days out from a Halloween party with nothing set in stone, so we looked to TV for inspiration. We landed on Bob and Linda Belcher from "Bob's Burgers." Popular TV characters are always a great costume, and easily recognizable. In one day I was able to create a full Linda ensemble just by going to a local thrift store.

If you have fewer than five days—say you're costume-less with only a few hours until the party begins—then makeup might be your best friend. With just a bit of face paint or household makeup items you can turn yourself into a skeleton, zombie or more.

"Makeup and body paint are fabulous for touching up a costume for Halloween time. It makes costumes you already have look better and it makes any normal clothes you have turn into a costume,'" says Natalie Fletcher, a former Bendite who was the Season 1 champion on "Skin Wars," the body-painting competition reality show. "Zombies are really great—anything dead is really great, actually. You can turn a sexy nurse costume into like a sexy-dead nurse and it makes you look that much cooler."

Fletcher mentions that by using makeup, people can wear totally normal clothes and the makeup will do all the talking—become a voodoo doll, for example, or add a zipper to your mouth. There's really no limit, and for those not confident in makeup skills, Fletcher says not to worry.

"The options are endless. One outlet we all have is YouTube. If you type in basically anything you want to be—a character or costume, there's going to be at least probably 10 tutorials on how to do that."

For places in Bend to find quality makeup that will last through the night, Fletcher says Michaels and JOANN Fabrics are two of the best places to go—otherwise, you'll find your face becoming a mess throughout the night.

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