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Gabriel James Edwards, Filmmaker and Composer Speaks About BendFilm

In the run-up to BendFilm, a word from a local film lover




Gabriel James Edwards, Filmmaker and Composer, Ghost Village Films


was a senior in high school when I first encountered James Stewart's Elwood P. Dowd in the movie "Harvey." This was a formative film. I was fascinated by Elwood's complete delight in life and people, a pure and nonchalant embrace of a reality which only he could see and know. I wanted to be just like him. I started wearing tweed jackets. I made business cards for myself to hand out to strangers.

But it was years later when I'd learn that he and Harvey had been teaching me how to pursue my own identity and vision in deciding to become a filmmaker: a life which requires an embrace of both the real and fantastic with equal weight of being. Like Elwood casually introducing strangers to his strange, invisible rabbit friend, film would become a way that I might also share the hidden magic in the world I see and can imagine. So this is one I go back to often—sometimes to remember who I am, sometimes when the real world gets a bit too heavy."

*This is the second feature in a series of stories from filmmakers and film-lovers about how storytelling enhances our lives. #ItsAllAboutTheStory #IndieFilm #BendFilm

14th Annual BendFilm Festival

Thurs. Oct. 12- Sun. Oct. 15

Various Bend locations

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