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Special Issues & Guides » Snow Riders' Guide

Gear Guide

Exceptional gear you should have for this snow season and where to get it.



K2 Panoramic Splitboard, 158cm. $599 at Great Outdoors. The lightweight bombproof Bambooyah construction allows riders to take this spiltboard deep into the backcountry.

Ride Sash Boa Coiler, Women’s snowboard boots. $229 at Aspect Board Shop. The Stash boots boast a luxurious interior and a comfy and secure lacing system.

Never Summer Industries Proto CT, 157cm. $549 at Aspect Board Shop. This all-mountain board won a “Gear of the Year” award from Outside magazine, thanks in part to its rockered and cambered profile, wood core and graphite-impregnated base.


686 Times Dickies Industrial Jacket. $240 at Aspect Board Shop. A technical jacket masquerading as a casual shop coat with fully taped seams and a burly outer fabric to keep you warm and dry.


Electric EG2 Peter Line, with bronze/red chrome lens. $184 at Great Outdoors. With anti-fog, anti-reflective and anti-scratch technology, the EG2s are made to hold up to everyday wear.

Smith Holt AirEvac 2. $60 at Aspect Board Shop. The Holt comes with easy-to-change summer pads so you can use your snow helmet for bike rides to the pub.

DPS Lotus 138 Hybrid, 192 cm. $898 at Great Outdoors. Made from fiberglass, carbon and bamboo, these rockered and sidecut shred sticks are a whopping 138 underfoot.

Get your gear here:

• Great Outdoors, 320 SW Century Park, 541-316-3900

• Aspect Board Shop, 1009 NW Galveston Ave., 541-389-4667

• Skjersaas, 130 SW Century Dr., 541-382-2154

• Pine Mountain Sports, 255 SW Century Dr., 541-385-8080

• Crow’s Feet Commons (opening soon),
875 NW Brooks St., 530-859-1245

• Powder House, 311 SW Century Dr., 541-389-6234

• Mountain Supply, 834 NW Colorado Ave., 541-388-0688

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