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My name is Geri Hauser and I am running for State Senate.  I am not a career politician or a lobbyist. I’m a wife, step-mother and grandmother who cares about our community. We need regular people like myself fighting for progressive values in Salem.

Our elected officials will be working on three critical issues in the next session: jobs, education and health care. If I win, we will move forward in these important areas. If my opponent wins, he’ll lead us backwards and further increase the partisan gridlock in Salem.

Oregonians deserve leaders that focus on their priorities. I will stand up for Central Oregon's middle-class families and prioritize measures that support small businesses and local job creation.

To bring good jobs to central Oregon, I support redirecting state funds invested in overseas accounts back into local banks and credit unions. This would free up capital for small business loans. I also favor incentives for buying and producing locally, encouraging sustainable and healthy communities.

My opponent would throw more of your hard earned tax dollars to the wealthiest individuals and corporations who don’t need it. We need more corporate accountability, not more corporate welfare.

I strongly support establishing a four-year independent university in Central Oregon. Unlike my opponent, I’ll have the political capital in the legislature to make it happen. Here’s why: in the Senate, the Democrats are in the majority and I will be working within the majority caucus instead of against it. Knopp has proven that he is unable to work across the aisle.

I support Governor Kitzhaber’s proposals to improve the way healthcare is organized and delivered in Oregon. He’s right to focus on coordinating care and prevention. I’ll support these reforms, while my opponent will not. In fact, my opponent’s record on health care is down right scary. His record indicates that he’ll focus on denying a woman the ability to have control over her own reproductive medical decisions. He’ll say it’s perfectly ok for an insurance company to deny coverage for birth control. He voted against providing emergency contraception to rape victims.

The choice is clear. My opponent and I have very different priorities. We have historically been represented in Senate District 27 by moderates; let’s keep it that way. My opponent’s right-wing extremism will just take us backward

I ask for your vote.

-Geri Hauser

Candidate, Dist. 27 Oregon State Senate

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