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Get Down or Get Out

Kudos to those responsible for the great music line up in Central Oregon this year. For those of us who love to dance it's been



Kudos to those responsible for the great music line up in Central Oregon this year. For those of us who love to dance it's been hot, but confusing.

Take the Cherry Poppin' Daddies show. A band known for what? Hot driving dance tunes. What do they feed off of? THE DANCERS! With some lame excuse about O.L.C.C. the dance area was cordoned off, and packed with the dancers were a number of people so rigid they managed to not even tap a toe through the entire show. The same mixed message goes out at the (Bend) Athletic Club when "dance bands" are booked but the dance area is an afterthought.

This brings me to my main topic, concert etiquette. It's a national problem. If you can swing, boogie, jump, jive, jig, shake, shimmy, sway, slam, mosh, or mow mow, it's a DANCE BAND! What's that small space void of seats in front of the stage? A DANCE FLOOR! Ninety percent of the area is reserved for you to lay your blanket or stand. Why take up our limited space? As dancers we keep our space even when tightly packed. We flow because we're all in the same groove. When the clueless and rude decide to sit or stand in the flailing masses, they disrupt the flow and create tension.

At a recent Mike Ness show in Portland - noted for good moshin' and tough fans - people actually tried to stand beside or in the pit. When a girl got the sh** knocked out of her she wanted her boy friend to "do something" instead of getting off the dance floor. After sizing up the pit filled with many returned G.I.'s, he smartly backed out.

When you get elbowed, kneed, stomped, or smeared with sweat you should dance or leave. Look around you. Is everyone dancing? Then you're on the dance floor.Dance! No one cares what you look like; it's about how you feel inside. Free yourself or move, please.

The best sight when dancing is all the children who have no fear, and the parents who encourage them to dance. These kids have really got rhythm. What fun!

Lastly, who's idea was it to shut off the water fountains in town over Summerfest? What if someone had heatstroke or needed water without having to stand in line to buy a bottle?

Looking forward to more dancers, dancing, and understanding this summer.

See you out there.

Steve Frandsen (Dancin' Fool), Terrebonne

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