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It's never too soon—or late—to know about grant opportunities



For artists, it's time to start thinking about grant season. (Isn't it always grant season, really?) Great opportunities to fund art have either just passed or are on the horizon. The Oregon Arts Commission—Oregon's leading agency working in policy development and advocacy for the arts—has three grant deadlines fast approaching.

Money at your fingertips. - CARI BROWN
  • Cari Brown
  • Money at your fingertips.

The Art Builds Communities Grant offers matching funds for art-based solutions to address community concerns and is due Sept. 1. The Career Opportunity Grant helps artists access career-enhancing opportunities, such as transporting their work to prominent exhibitions or purchasing materials to make said work. That grant is due Sept. 5. Meanwhile, the Individual Artist Fellowship of $3,000, awarded to high-achieving professional artists who demonstrate a commitment to continuing their work, is due Oct. 15.

But it's the first week of July, you say. True, but that doesn't mean you have a moment to waste. You definitely missed the Hallie Ford Fellowship deadline—that was back in February. That prestigious holy grail of grants for individual Oregon artists is the Hallie Ford Foundation that just announced its 2019 winners of $25,000 each: Corey Arnold, James Lavadour, Niraja Cheryl Lorenz, Jess Perlitz and Sharita Towne. Putting a grant application together takes time.

It's not hard, really, as most applications tell you exactly what you need to do every step of the way and many even offer application support to grant seekers—but it does require the gathering of a lot of information, some leg work, a good deal of writing, and if you're like most people, a lot of hemming and hawing. It's true that not every artist receives these grants, but every artist benefits from knowing those deadlines and seeing what getting that money requires.

Oregon Arts Commission Grants
Career Opportunity Grant Deadline Sept. 5

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