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Getting Off On Being Green: A new eco-friendly pitch from the "adult" industry



During the years I ran a small publishing business, I got on what often seems to be every North American companys' public relations release list. Today, I typically get from 30 to 50 e-mail public relations releases a day. They range from the ridiculous (" The Situation to Speak at the Community College's auto shop class graduation") to the sublime ("Exotic Cruise Lines announces $7,500 budget fares on all their Baltic routes").

In between The Situation and Exotic Cruises are new products, new books, new gear, upcoming lecture series, and new television shows.

Then one came in just the other day that topped them all. It was for "green" as in environmentally correct sex toys .

In the name of discretion, I will just reveal a few lines from the release with my edits in parenthesis.

"[Company name] Adult Toy Parties Do it Green for the Environmentally Aroused,"

"[Location of the store] announces a successful first year for the world's first 'eco-chic' in-home toy demonstration parties. [Name of company/retailer] parties put a sustainable twist on the traditional sex toy party by showcasing green vibrators, phthalate-free dildos, natural lubricants, recycled whips and other ecologically and non toxic adult paraphernalia.

"Adult toys are a sexual staple in millions of bedrooms across the country. I think it's about time we start considering their effects on our bodies and the environment. "

And the release went on for several more paragraphs and ending with company/retailer and public relations firm contact information.

Of course, I thought, it's way too good to be true and started trying to figure out which one of my friends had fabricated such a terrific faux PR piece.

Then I called the PR agency's number and, oops, the release is for real.

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