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Getting Weird on a Saturday Night: Hellzapopin at the Domino Room

The Hellzapopin Rock and Roll sideshow comes to Bend on Saturday



You may very well have already experienced the following scene:

You: "Hey, what are you doing Saturday night?"

Your friend, who probably has more tattoos than you: "I dunno, probably just watching World Cup highlights. Oh, but that's after I go see some people pierce rusty items through their necks, eat fire and lie on beds of nails and generally scare the crap out of me."

You: "That sounds incredible. In fact, I think I just peed my pants a little bit."

Annnnnd scene.

That friend of yours is talking about Hellzapoppin, the rock and roll circus sideshow that we profiled in this week's paper and which will be doing all the crazy things they do on Saturday night at the Domino Room.

The show is at 9pm and is $13 at the door.

You can file this one under: Weird but Highly Entertaining. That is, if you're the type of person who so specifically classifies your nightlife experiences. Zomora the Torture King, the ringleader of this rock-and-roll-infused night of madness, will lead the madness and you can get his perspective on his devotion to weirdness in that feature I just mentioned.

Or check out this video:

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