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I was trolling the Portland Craiglist (as I sometimes do on Fridays, sorry boss) when I discovered this post:
Writer Needed For Support Community for Affluent Individuals.Apparently this group is searching for ghost writers for a for a blog "for people who have earned a lot of money or been born into a wealthy family." I guess rich kids need blogs, too. Here are some highlights from the post:
"The focus of the community is providing psychological support for the problems money brings — family tensions, unfulfillable expectations, boredom, etc. To do this you must be intimately familiar with the problems faced by wealthy people."

The posts need to be highly personal, emotional and have a strong editorial voice. These are anything but generic lectures. We are looking for 3 posts per week and each post pays $30. 
In conclusion, if you're great at complaining about first world problems, this is probably the gig for you. 

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