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Give Em A Bootstrap!

Well these folks seem to be popping up everywhere and most of them are none too bright! I have witnessed countless situations with the Bend



Well these folks seem to be popping up everywhere and most of them are none too bright! I have witnessed countless situations with the Bend Police and these folks and I am stunned at how brainless these individuals are. Now granted we are supposed to feel sorry for these destitute human beings who chose their course of action by not paying taxes, by not being involved with the community. We are supposed to feel sorry for their choices of alcoholism, their polluting habits, their foul mouths, their other poor habits etc.

I have lived in many cities and visited many, many places throughout the USA and there is nothing more pathetic than grown men whining about how life sucks for them. The economy sucks for everyone especially for the families doing everything they can to keep the family afloat. I have put myself, deliberately, in situations with the homeless and through my own investigations most of these folk are taking advantage of the system. Do you think we should still feel sorry for them? I don't! Should we feel sorry then for the terrorists blowing up our soldiers because most of them are not in their right minds either? Of course not. So let's apply common sense and take action by booting these people out of here into either a rehab institution or let them help out "The Peace Corps."

When someone has premeditated plans to live a certain life style that is by "choice" is it not? When people are fed up with the system and want to live out in the woods, hey I am all for it but don't come back to town whining, complaining you need money for food from people who work their butts off. It is very simple if "the homeless" need help and really need help GOD's doors are wide open to help out but they need to make a conscious effort.

To those lobby groups who wish to feel sorry for these folks, just give your names, addresses and phone numbers to the city so they can contact you. The city can then have you make space in your home for these lovely people to stay for free. I know there are thousands of you out there who really, really want to help these folks so open your doors and help them and even give them money.

I was thinking about making a movie of these transient shelters and putting it out there for Bendites to see. These transients who flit here and flit there are living in these abominations that the city is doing nothing about. Very telling of Americans, focus on the outside and forget the inside..............hmmm sounds familiar! I am not here to stir the pot but it seems that the only way to get most peoples butt moving is to stir the pot. Well enough said, and, yes, I can imagine many of you are seething inside saying "who does he think he is?" or, "I fought for this country, well I used to..." Blah, blah, blah. So to all of you wonderful residents who "love Bend" get out there and make a difference I know I have!

Bye, bye!!

P. Disbury

Editor's note: According to the most recent homeless survey, children make up two out of every five people identified as homeless in our region. Together with seniors and the disabled they account for two thirds of the roughly 2,200 homeless identified in the last count. The most frequently cited cause of homelessness was inability to afford rent, followed by home foreclosure and loss of a job. 


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