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Go Here 6/4-6/10

Wowed by the Wallowas



The Wallowa Mountains are well known throughout the state and beyond for their majestic beauty. They have been dubbed the Alps of Oregon and labeled one of Oregon's Seven Wonders. From the Imnaha River to Sacajawea Peak, a person could dedicate every free moment to exploring them and still not see all that they offer. There's a veritable plethora of outstanding hiking, backpacking, fly fishing, river rafting, and horsepacking options to be had over there, but if you are looking for something out of the ordinary to do (by Bend standards), check out these options.

Joseph Branch Railriders

For every bike-loving Bendite that ever dreamt of hopping boxcars, I present you with the railrider. These things look like a peddle boat and a handcar fell in love and had a baby. Riders have the option of a two hour, twelve mile trip or a seven hour, twenty-six mile trip though the Wallowa Valley, on the inactive Joseph Branch Railway, between the towns of Joseph and Enterprise. The backdrop is spectacular, the slope gentle (about a one and a half percent grade), and the fixed nature of travel by track means a person can sit back and take in the views all day long. For more information check out the website at jbrailriders.com.

Wallowa Lake Tramway

For those that prefer to take their views with a side of "Oh my God, please don't let the cable snap", the tramway offers an unparalleled 4,000 foot take on Wallowa Lake and a ride to the 8,000 foot summit of Mt. Howard. Once at the summit, there are a number of hiking trails to take off on and wildflower season is approaching here, with the best viewing in July. There is a restaurant up here as well, if having the fear of god put in to you works up your appetite. Back down at the base, the quaint, nearby Matterhorn Village offers childhood road trip memories in the making with ice cream, putt-putt, and the obligatory souvenir shop.

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