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Go Here! 9/25-10/2

Community Supported Agriculture



For so many of us soil-loving, veggie-munching Bendites it's nearly impossible to think of autumn without also conjuring up images of fall harvest. As days get shorter, leaves turn, and a certain nip greets the air both morning and night, why not get to know your local Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA) by getting hands on with them?

Juniper Jungle

Located just beyond the city limits, this 10-acre organic farm is run using a holistic method of agriculture known as Permaculture. a portmanteau of permanent and agriculture developed in the early 20th century by Australians as a sustainable way to manage farms for the long term while conserving precious natural resources such as water, soil, and energy. By recognizing and utilizing the interconnectedness of all the elements within the farm, Juniper Jungle is able to offer a wide range of seasonal produce and meat for its subscribers. Volunteers are welcome Wednesdays from 6am to noon through October.

Rain Shadow Organics

A little further away, northeast of Sisters, Rain Shadow's bounty is spread across 80 acres lovingly tended to by the same family for the past 25 years. They offer flowers in addition to a seasonal variety of herbs, veggies, fruit, eggs, poultry, and other meats. Rain Shadow also employs a holistic-based approach to farming, fostering and relying on the site-specific ecosystem to produce chemical free goodness for years to come. They welcome volunteers daily from 7 am until noon, and offer a summer work share program for subscribers. Maybe you're more the eating than the farming type? For $55, you can purchase a farm membership which doubles as your ticket to one of Rain Shadow's legendary long table dinners, featuring 100% farm products. This year's final dinner happens October 6. Make reservations at Rain Shadow's booth at the Bend Farmers' Market.

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