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Godvertising Part Deux


I wrote the original LOTW regarding the godvertising banners, and am thrilled that it has opened a dialogue.

LC, you raise an interesting point: you drive to our neighborhood from Alfalfa. I've often wondered if that is the case for the majority of worshippers at Westside Church, seeing as that every Sunday volunteers are standing in the middle of Newport Avenue directing traffic before and after services. If your congregation lived in the northwest part of town, I highly doubt the crossing-guards of God would be necessary. I see MANY families walking and biking in this area on Sundays, but they don't turn into your church parking lot.

(On a side note, they also don't appear to be ravaged by the rampant sex, drugs, and rock and roll that you mention - maybe they're too busy out enjoying the fresh air?)

LC, you reinforce my point: Westside is not likely comprised of residents from the area in which it is located, so the godvertising is not aimed at an appreciative or appropriate audience. Maybe these banners should be moved to your neighborhood in Alfalfa where parents who need their church to dictate morality to their children can appreciate them. I can't reinforce this point enough: THE BANNERS ARE A MARKETING/SALES PITCH and, LC, you're buying.

(Side note to parents in Alfalfa who choose not to give a church the primary responsibility for instilling values in their children: you rock.)

Liz Nahnsen, Bend

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