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Going Fisties at Phil's Trail

Well the inevitable happened this Saturday when two mountain bikers collided with one another and I had the opportunity to witness it all. One cyclist


Well the inevitable happened this Saturday when two mountain bikers collided with one another and I had the opportunity to witness it all. One cyclist was climbing, having the right of way, the other blasting down the trail on a 6" travel bike. The descender did not yield to the climber perhaps thinking he had speed, weight and a buddy to roll over the single climber. Well when their aluminum steeds met at high speed they were going to stop. They both dismounted and the bikes were dropped where they were and out came the bravado fists a flying....wooo weee the downhiller went down with two quick jabs to the chin by the thin, fit, tattooed XC rider. The second downhiller was about to intervene then I stepped in to assist the XC rider. I have been riding the trail network around here for two years and the amount of bozo riders out here are mounting by the months. Hey you bozo riders, those movies like Seasons, The Collective and Roam are done by professional riders in sectioned off areas with film crews, zip lines, medical staff, in pristine country with no other RIDERS climbing etc.

Grant you, we have been blessed with celebrity riders here who are PROs. I don't see them out in groups blasting down around blind corners knowing there are other riders of every caliber skill level also on the trail. Bend does not have a Bike Coalition here to educate and patrol the trail network system for many reasons. COTA has done a great job with the trail system and I give them five stars for an exceptional job. An addition to their hard work would be to enforce the trails with volunteers, here in Bend, who would go out and make sure everyone is having fun and obeying the rules of conduct. If this is not an option, then what about making all the trails one-way. Many have grown up here and have had many encounters with riders not yielding when they have the right of way. All of this could be avoided by making this a one-way system with no conflicts and we could go about our day having fun.

C'mon riders, it's all about getting out and enjoying what COTA has put together for us and to see some fabulous country. Wish you all the best with your encounters. Keep it fair to all riders.

Pete Disbury, Bend

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