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Going to the Moon

What this about Moon Rocks?



"Hey Josh," a reader recently wrote me, "I have a birthday coming up, and I'd like to indulge myself. I keep reading about a cannabis product called "Moon Rocks." What are they, where can I buy them and can I make my own?"

Happy Birthday, and yes, you can buy/make moon rocks, but be prepared to spend all the singles and fives your grandma stuffed into a Peanuts birthday card, and then some. Seriously, this won't be a cheap undertaking.

Moon rocks are simply three cannabis products that join forces to make something stronger than their individual selves; kind of like The Avengers, except without Black Widow, because get real, a pistol isn't going to stop aliens. C'mon.

In brief, the very tippy top shelf buds that you can find are soaked in hash oil, then rolled in kief. You may also hear them referred to as "Cannabis Caviar," although that term is normally reserved for buds that have simply been soaked in hash oil, forgoing the kief. Some producers are swapping out rosin for hash oil, the solvent-free concentrate gaining a growing following.

The origin of moon rocks, much like the fate of our nation, is somewhat hazy. Many claim that they were brought to the attention of the general public via the California rap artists Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak. They have a website touting their moon rocks, which also features a number of free mixtapes by the artists and their friends. Their rocks are only available at California dispensaries, although similar products may also be found in other states such as Colorado, where they are known to sell for as much as $1,400 per ounce or $50 a gram. Many feel the price is worth it, as the products test in at over 60 percent THC. The tradeoff is that these are about potency, and the draw on them can charitably be called "rough." For those who are seeking maximum pain relief, that may be a worthwhile trade off.

(Stoners from the '70s will tell you that these are not new, and that bell bottomed ballers of that time would often roll fat joints in Zig Zags striped with hash oil, and finished with a sprinkling of crumbled hash. Then again, many will also tell you they were at Woodstock, so...)

I searched Leafly and made some calls, but I didn't see any dispensaries in Oregon carrying the Moon Rocks brand or their equivalent. But that doesn't have to stop you in your quest to get really, really high for an outrageous sum.

First, get some tight, well-manicured buds. You'll also need some liquid form of cannabis oil, such as hash oil, rosin, BHO/PHO or the CO2 oil from a vape pen cartridge. If using rosin/wax/dabs, you will need to heat them up just enough so they liquify. You can place them in a small bowl or cup and place that into a container of hot water.

Hold your bud with a pair of tweezers and either dip the bud into the liquefied concentrate or use a small pastry brush to cover the bud with the oil. Then decide if you want to now dust the bud with kief, or let the freshly soaked bud "cure" for days, weeks or a month. If you choose to go the first route, you will need to hit the bud with a second coat of oil before dusting it with kief. If you have enough kief, you can take the freshly oiled bud and submerge it completely. A silicone baking sheet is a great tool to place them on to deal with the stickiness.

Smoke it as you would any other bud, but mind the kief; you want to capture every precious grain. Forgo the grinder and use a small, sharp pair of scissors to parcel out your dose. You won't need much—a quarter gram should be plenty—and I always use a water pipe, as the trio of products can be super hard core on the throat. They make great gifts as well, for yourself or others.

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