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Going Viral

Tips for keeping yourself occupied and smiling, from our resident binge-watcher


Be like Bill. Just try it. - COURTESY SONY
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  • Be like Bill. Just try it.

Hey, so...anything big happen this week?

It's been a rough one for people all over the world, and it looks like we're going to have a few weeks of keeping to ourselves in our respective places—especially for those of us lucky enough to work from home—before all is said and done. Basically, we've got time. Time to write, create, teach, dance or Netflix and chill to our heart's delight.

My job is to talk about things to put in front of your eyes and since, judging from this weekend's box office reports, people are avoiding the theater, I'm going to recommend a few things for you to binge that might help take your mind off everything going on out there. Anxiety is brutal for everyone right now, so here are some tips on how to shut your brain off while you hibernate the virus away.

'Cause you can really only watch "The Office" so many times.

1: Dive into the Romance section of Netflix. I don't think people realize what a resource Netflix can be for quite a few comfort films. Just in the romance section you can find "Groundhog Day," "As Good as it Gets," "Purple Rain," "Strictly Ballroom" and "Tootsie." It's impossible to feel bad with these movies on, and with dozens more like them, you could easily whether the storm just browsing this one section of this single streaming service.

2: Check out what your library is streaming. Kanopy is the on-demand streaming service for most of the libraries and universities in the country. You can log in with either your Facebook or library card and choose from thousands of selections. The main caveat with Kanopy is that you only get 10 rentals a month, so make them count. With selections from the Criterion Collection and other indie stalwarts, you can stream masterpieces like "The Seventh Seal," Billy Wilder's "Ace in the Hole" and "Lady Bird" for free right now.

3: Browse the channels section on Amazon Prime. Most people know this already, but Amazon Prime doesn't just have Amazon Originals and all their other normal stuff; they also have subscriptions to other streaming services for a tacked on few bucks a month. So, you can binge "Picard" or "Interrogation" from CBS All Access, "Westworld" or "Succession" from HBONow or whatever weird stuff you're into off of Showtime or Cinemax. They also have Britbox, which means you can watch 30 seasons of "Doctor Who" and nerd out for a month or six.

4: Yoga Anytime. This is another channel available off of Amazon Prime and worth every penny. You get a free week trail and then it's an extra $8.99 a month added to your prime membership (which seems like a lot), but it's got beginners Vinyasa, yoga for sleep aid, yin yoga and meditation and basically everything in between. If you're feeling cramped up, this will pay you back immediately. (Meanwhile, local centers including Namaspa are offering classes via Zoom during this period.)

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