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Good News: We Don't Have to Pay Taxes



Your sidebar on people who don't pay taxes exemplifies the incredible job of brainwashing our society has undergone.

No one should be paying federal income taxes.

The 16th Amendment was never properly ratified.

The Supreme Court had previously ruled a central bank was unconstitutional prior to the creation of the current Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. Since the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified the IRS is illegal. There is no law that says we the people have to pay income taxes.

Prior to the 16th Amendment profit was defined as business profit, not a worker's wages. Wages could not be taxed; it was unconstitutional.

The IRS states themselves it is a "voluntary" tax. The voluntary income tax we pay does not even cover the interest charged to the U.S. Treasury for the Federal Reserve to print our fiat currency out of thin air.

Our tax dollars are not building new bridges; they are paying interest to a private bank loaning a country its own currency.

The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is a privately owned, secretly owned, bank. They control the value of our currency through fractional reserve banking, not a hard asset like gold or land.

Prior to the current Federal Reserve Bank, two other federal reserve banks were created and then destroyed by presidential order.

The IRS operates not in civil or criminal court but in admiralty court.

The IRS periodically comes after people who refuse their voluntary tax and illegally seizes property and assets to make an example of them so others continue to pay. It is nearly impossible to beat the IRS in litigation with a lawyer who does not specialize in admiralty.

If you choose to stop paying taxes make sure you have an attorney practiced in dealing with the IRS in admiralty.

Being excited about a tax refund is an emotional response unfounded in reality as the feds shouldn't have taken any wages from you in the first place. They simply should not be holding anything of your wages that need giving back.

In relevance to the IRS seizing property for unpaid taxes, we need to consider the following information. Anyone who has their property completely paid for with no outstanding debt and think they "own it" is incorrect. Research allodial title and freehold title. Allodially titled land may be seized by the federal government at any time because even though you paid for it, they own it. Converting your land to freehold title is nearly impossible but always worth a try.

We the people need to understand the Constitution, allodial title and fractional reserve banking and take back our government, land and wages.

If anyone thinks they are legally bound to pay federal income taxes, please show me the law.

Molon labe,


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