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Goodbye, Wandering Eye



Sad to see the Wandering Eye wander off into the sunset...but I understand. Trying to stay engaged in the toxic environment of what passes for public discoursethese daysis certainly an exercise in frustration akin to beating one's head against the proverbial wall.

It's a good question to ask if our modern communication technologies have improved life in general? The evidence at this point would suggest otherwise and the real failure here is theloss of free and unbiased news sources. And you just know we are in trouble when our so-called best and brightest (Supreme Court anyone?) rule that a corporation is an individual and therefore granted all the rights, freedoms and protections under the Constitution - something the Founders hardly intended, or even envisioned.

So good people, our system of checks and balances is failing. Our government is no longer a tool of the people, rather a tool for the select few who pull the strings and are immune from accountability.What shall we do about it?

But I digress. I have thoroughly enjoyed this weekly article. More often than not it has been a voice of reason amongst the din of ignorance and hatefulness. Good luck to you, sir. You have earned your peace of mind.

- Jefree Ensing, Bend

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