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Grab-and-Go Adventure

Getting out for a one-night backpacking or biking adventure doesn't have to be fussy. Check out these tried-and-true grab-and-go eats from locally owned spots



Expensive, freeze-dried backpacking food that comes in a heavy plastic container is great and all (not really), but if you're headed out for just a short time, why make it complicated? In honor of the Outside Issue, here are three ideas for local foods you can pick up and enjoy on the first night of your adventure.

Kefi Fast Fresh Mediterranean. - NANCY PATTERSON
  • Nancy Patterson
  • Kefi Fast Fresh Mediterranean.

Banh Mi from Pho Viet & Café

You might know them for their delicious Vietnamese soups, but for something more grab-and-go, try out the sandwiches. Crispy baguette bread, crunchy veggies and Vietnamese-style meats such as Saigon Bacon and BBQ Pork...mmmm. At less than $8, it's a great value for a great sando.

Pho Viet & Café
1326 NE 3rd St., Bend

Tamales from Tacos Pihuamo

Serving up some of the best tacos in town, Tacos Pihuamo is no one-trick pony. The cart's burritos are delicious, too, and so are the tamales—which happen to pack up quite well for those looking for some carb-heavy sustenance to hit the trail.

Tacos Pihuamo
950 SE 3rd St,. Bend

Felafel from Kefi Fast Fresh Mediterranean

Felafel is a great grab-and-go food for any purpose, and it serves well as your get-outta-town food, too. Try some of the hot sauces to go along with your food. If you like a bit of spice, you should be delighted.

Kefi Fast Fresh Mediterranean
20520 NE Robal Ln, Suite 120, Bend

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