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Were we the only ones left scratching our heads at the presence of hundreds of D.C. residents who descended on the White House to "celebrate" the killing of bin Laden on Sunday? From the picture on our television, it appeared as though the entire population of the nearest Sigma Chi fraternity had dropped their plastic beer cups and run out the door for a chance to be captured by cameras as they hooted outside the Front Lawn. At this point Upfront was wondering if it was the Wicked Witch of the West who had been snuffed and not some shadowy terrorist who had been reduced to hiding in a cave and broadcasting lame YouTube-style videos. But the weirdness didn't stop at Pennsylvania Ave. Back in the High Desert, KTVZ let us know what high-ranking officials like Bend Mayor Jeff Eager made of bin Laden's death. (Wow, thanks!). But the real kicker came later in the day when no less than parks board candidate Justin Gottlieb sent out a press release thanking our troops and calling for the U.S. to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Seriously Justin, stick to goose poop.

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