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Greetings and Happy Winter!


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With some recent clear, sunny days revealing the glory of our snow-capped mountains, I sometimes can't believe we're not on vacation. Are you getting out with the family, enjoying all that our unique environment has to offer? In Outdoors, find some great tips for acquainting young children with winter sports in cold temperatures with activities like skiing, ice skating and even snowshoeing. For many families, children come easily as part of the natural process, but for others, pregnancy is a real ordeal. In Health, Annette Benedetti explores the possibilities made available through surrogacy with some invaluable first-hand information. With so much technology surrounding us these days, it is no wonder that toddlers and adults alike are turning to devices for emotional self-soothing. Check out our Parenting section, for insight into parents' roles in this type of behavior. In Community, we are reminded of the many local inspiring people, especially those who give their free time selflessly. You may not have heard about a program called CASA, which trains volunteers to advocate for foster children in the court system. Talk about inspiration — read Kids in Action, about a young super star in our midst, Rohan Ali, who is climbing the ranks in gymnastics competition here locally and on the regional level at the tender age of 10! On the business end of things, there are many local owners who go above and beyond to make sure this community thrives and excels in so many ways. This is the annual Best of the Nest ballot issue and your chance to vote for your favorite businesses who make this community, simply put, a great place to live. For some family fun this winter, why not take the Roundabout Tour in town (see Culture, page 32) or set up a Valentine's Day craft in your home (see Kid's Corner, page 40)? Now's the time for spring break planning. If your budget and mental state don't allow for complicated travel plans, consult our budget-wise ideas for an Oregon week away in Feature.

Thank you for supporting Bend Nest — we could not be doing this without such a strong community of families and businesses!

Best Wishes,

Angela Switzer

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One of the original members of the Source team, Angela remembers the days of ringing fax machines and crying babies when the newspaper operated out of her home. She loves all things outdoors, especially mountain biking with hubby, trail running and cooking gourmet meals, while camping in her beloved Eurovan. Her...

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