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Gremlins: When Monsters Were Fun!



On Wednesday, October 30, the Source presents the 1984 funny and scary GREMLINS!

Sponsored by 10 Barrel, the film plays (for free!) at Old Stone, 8 pm.

Given the camp, it is easy to gloss over how clever and inventive some of the storyline is.

The screenwriter, recently out of NYU film school, Chris Columbus was just 26 years old at the time. This was only his fourth attempt at a screenplay, and he went on also to write Goonies a year later, and then to team up with John Hughes for the mayhem of Adventures in Babysitting and Home Alone (and to produce most of the Harry Potter movies).

Looking at the nutty barroom scene —second only to Star Wars for its exotic goofiness—gives some crystal ball predictions about where Columbus' mindset was, and where his career was heading.


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