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The New Pornographers & Diana Krall


The Canadians are coming! - The Canadians are coming!
  • The Canadians are coming!The Canadians are coming!

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The New Pornographers

April 14

Indie rock makes its way to Midtown with Canadian rock legends The New Pornographers hitting the stage this April. Most popular in the mid 2000s, TNP have a cult-like college following, and are touring in support of their brand-spanking new album "Whiteout Conditions." It's an aptly titled record for a band that hails from the Great White North. Sitting somewhere between upbeat pop and alternative rock, the band finally explained their contentious name in a series of tweets from frontman Carl Newman. "You see, pornography is just a mirror to society. It is ugly, because society is ugly," he said. "So how could you change it, make a better and new pornography, that is not based on something ugly? You would have to change the world man." Well, we're not quite sure if they're changing the world, but they're definitely producing good music. See them live. // 8pm. Midtown Ballroom, 51 Greenwood Ave, Bend. $28.

Diana Krall

July 25

Oh what now? Another Canadian coming to town? Say it isn't so! Diana Krall, the sensual songstress from that country with which we share the longest border, is gliding into town this summer. A renowned jazz pianist and five time Grammy award winner, she has wooed the hearts of many with her purrrrfect vocals and sultry gaze. Having toured for more than 20 years, she's sung with everyone from Ray Charles to Tony Bennett, and even produced Barbra Streisand's 2009 album. (Sidenote, yes, "Babs" has a recent(ish) album!) Married to British rock-icon Elvis Costello, Krall is the stuff of songwriting legend. She's like fine wine; only getting better with age. See her effortlessly croon her way into your heart this summer. // 5pm. Les Schwab Amphitheater, Bend. $52-92.

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