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Happy Four Loko Friday, Everyone!

Four Loko is probably going to be banned by next week.



What is Four Loko? It's only the most dangerous (and, of course, most popular) malt liquor and energy drink beverage on the market!

And there's a good chance that the FDA is going to ban Four Loko, as well as all the other caffeinated malt liquors, as soon as next week after scores of college students have been hospitalized nationally, including a group at Central Washington University.

And the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is looking into what they should do about these drinks, too. I dropped them a line yesterday and a spokesperson said they were meeting today. I'll keep you posted.

And I'll also provide some insight as to what this stuff tastes like/does to your brain and long-term friendships.

So who knows. This may be the last Four Loko Friday ever. Of course, this means that eagerly curious drinkers are rushing to stores to pick up an armload of the conveniently sized 23.5-ounce cans. Scientific data: One can= 4-5 beers and 2-3 cups of coffee.

But in reality, no one should be drinking an entire can of this stuff. Why? Oh, because stuff like this will probably happen to you.

Update: The OLCC announced this afternoon (Friday) that commissioners will meet tomorrow in Portland to discuss a possible ban on Four Loko and other caffeinated liquor drinks. In other words get 'em now for all your holiday party needs! Drink up, grandma!)

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