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Happy St. Patrick's Day: The revival of the Harp Hall Social Club

The Harp Hall Social Club lets the public into their long-private St. Patty's Day event.



Almost everyone in our offices remembered it was St. Patrick's Day today and most of us wore green. Others wore red or blue, but that's OK...if you hate having a good time.

Damn near every bar in town has some sort of happening tonight whether that's Blowin' Smoke at the Summit or DJ Bryne 1 at Velvet and everything in between. Then, of course, there's the big extravaganza at McMenamins and the sold-out Brandi Carlile show at the Tower.

But there's another party tonight that's drawn some serious attention and that's the event at The Annex (above Midtown) where the Harp Hall Social Club is reliving its glory days with a shindig complete with music from the Irish-themed local band Five Pint Mary. The Harp Hall Social Club, for those who might not be longtime Bendites, was an active community (and celebratory) organization that could at one time be found marching in the Christmas parade and also had their own private clubhouse (pictured in its glory days to the right).

“It was amazing and we had a great time, but now we’re on to other things,” says Lise McCabe, a founding member who is a part owner of the Midtown building along with her husband Duane McCabe.

McCabe and company may be on to other things – but not on St. Patty’s Day. In recent years, they’ve held March 17 celebrations at McMenamins and also private events at the Annex. This year, however, the Harp Hall  club is opening up their shindig at the newly revamped (now with a bar!) Annex to the entire town, charging a mere $5 for entry to the public, but keeping things free for their members.

“This is the first time that it’s been announced to the public. [Previously] you had to be part of the club to be invited,” says McCabe, who then jokes, “Even though we’re older, we still think we’re cool.”

Yes, you are still cool if you throw this sort of party.

Doors open at 5pm. Music starts later in the night. The Annex is located at 51 NW Greenwood Ave, above the Midtown Ballroom.

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