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If you look up a summary of the Italian horror film, H2Odio, on Wikipedia or IMDB, it's pretty clear that something is being lost in translation from Italian to English. But then listen to Harvestman's Trinity - the album that serves as the soundtrack for H2Odio. Though it doesn't specifically tell you what happens in the film (Trinity is entirely instrumental), you can gather a lot about the movie from the music.
Released in a limited run of 1,000 copies, Harvestman (the one-man band of Neurosis singer, Steve Von Till) offers a steady, quiet soundtrack - one that's just as beautiful as it is dark. Trinity is a drive on a winding mountain pass; scenic, treacherous and liberating. Von Till steers the album easily in and out of the curves, conjuring songs along the way that, against a horror film backdrop, would be eerie and menacing. But on their own, they are simple, hushed compositions of a one-man symphony.

DOWNLOAD: Actually, you can't. Buy it at neurotrecordings.com.

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