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Hella Big Air offers a hella big party and more


HELLA (adverb) very; extremely

BIG (adjective) large, as in size, height or width

AIR(noun) a jump or airborne stunt

The stakes high, risks consequential, speeds unnerving, airtime maximized. What is it about a big jump that brings people together? Is it for the glory, the gold or both?

An 82-foot-gap jump taunted riders at the 2nd Annual 10 Barrel Brewing Hella Big Air, held at Mt. Bachelor on March 25. Professional skiers and snowboarders from around the country trucked from halfway up the mountain, reaching speeds of 53-67 miles, to gap the largest jump built all season. Competitors performed aerial tricks, such as off-axis spins and flips and were judged on their style, amplitude, technicality, grabs and clean landings. The winner of each discipline would take home the $10,000 prize purse.

Justin Morgan took first in the snowboarding division, consistently boosting higher than the competition and flawlessly executing freestyle tricks such as a backside rodeo 540, frontside 900 and switch backside 540 melon. Nick Keefer earned a first place finish in the ski by stomping a double bio 1260 and two impressive flatspin 900s. Local Ari Delashmutt was the obvious crowd favorite by throwing a huge superman front flip and hucking the biggest back flip at Mt. Bachelor in years.

2nd Annual 10 Barrel Brewing Hella Big Air Results

Snowboard Results:

1st Justin Morgan (West Mountain, NY)

2nd Ryan Linnert (Bend, OR)

3rd Dru Brownrigg (Bend, OR)

Ski Results:

1st Nick Keefer (Salt Lake City, UT)

2nd Jake Mageau (Bend, OR)

3rd Jonah Elston (Bend, OR)

For a full recap of the event go to: 10barrel.com/2017/03/27/hella-big-air-2017/

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