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Hey, Tiny, Hey!

Small art show packs a big punch



In October, Bend is delivering a whole month of "cultural goodness," as Angela Reid—writer, creative director, and the mind behind the Tiny Hey art project—calls it. The town will host the BendFilm Festival, Bend Venture Conference, Swivel Marketing Conference, Bend Design Conference, and more. Mix in the cyclocross events, the Zombie Run, and Halloween at Deschutes Brewery, and Bend will be humming with creativity and energy.

Tiny Hey is kicking things off with the official launch of its postcard-writing exchange project and the first Tiny Hey Art Show on Friday, October 2. Back in August, Tiny Hey called on Central Oregon residents to submit artwork under a specific theme. The theme was "Guts," meaning: "Courage. Cojones. Chutzpah. Sisu. Whatever you call it! Whatever it takes. When's the last time you did something that scared you? What do guts look like or feel like to you? Who do you know or admire with guts? What brave act do you dream of doing?"

Tiny Hey asked the community to take this theme and run with it, to find inspiration and get creative, and then to submit guts-themed art to the project. Central Oregon answered the call, and now, Tiny Hey has selected the top-five pieces for the Tiny Hey Art Show. Although this is only the first step for the project, it's a big one.

"Even though the project has yet to really materialize—it is still just an idea, until next Friday when it becomes a tangible thing—the community has responded with such interest and enthusiasm and willingness to participate. That's been very gratifying," Reid says.

The art show will ignite the next phase of the project: storytelling and postcard exchange.

"What I'm most excited about is getting it out of my hands and into the hands of the community. This project is not supposed to be about me. It's about giving a voice to others," adds Reid.

Tiny Hey is a reminder that we all have stories to tell. The idea behind the Tiny Hey project is that when we share our stories, we learn that we are much more connected than we realized.

Sharing a story with others is an intimate experience—one that is profoundly personal, yet universal. Tiny Hey feeds the creative spirit and inspires the relationship building, sense of community, and cross-cultural awareness that comes from putting ourselves out there and exchanging stories with people we don't know.

Coinciding with the First Friday Art Walk and Fall Festival, October 2 will be an exciting night to be roaming around downtown Bend. To view the Tiny Hey artwork and learn more about the project, head over to the tbd advertising gallery, located above the Patagonia store at 1000 NW Wall Street Suite 201. The art will continue to be on display at tbd for a few weeks after the show, during normal office hours, from 8 am-5 pm.

Get involved in the Tiny Hey art and story-sharing project by picking up a printed postcard at the art show. One side of the postcard will feature the selected artwork, and the other side will be blank. That's where the stories go. Like the artists, writers and storytellers are asked to stick with the same "guts" theme for their stories. A mailbox for collecting the postcards will be present at tbd during the Tiny Hey Art Show on October 2. However, participants who don't want to write their story on the spot can take it with them and submit it to the mailbox's semi-permanent home (for the month of October) at Lone Pine Coffee Roasters in Tin Pan Alley. The postcards will be posted online at tinyhey.com for public viewing.

Each month will have a new theme for the art-story-postcard exchange, as well as a new mailbox location. Check back with the Tiny Hey website, Facebook page, and Instagram account to receive the latest updates, monthly themes, and mailbox locations.

Tiny Hey Art Show

5:30-8 pm, Friday, October 2

tbd's loft, 1000 NW Wall St.


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