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Spoken Moto offers hipster digs, sips and rides


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I've got a few hundred words to describe Spoken Moto to y'all, but I don't think I need that many. Honestly, I'm pretty sure I can break it all down for you in just one simple phrase: "Hipster A-F," as the kids today would say.

I don't mean that in a negative way, not even a little. The hipster movement is alive and well in Bend, and it's really one of the only ways to adequately describe a shop that is a mix of vintage motorcycles, coffee, beer and natural gear. It's a pretty cool concept and there isn't another place in Bend like it.

Spoken Moto is the brainchild of three guys with a solid vision and some quality tools. Brent Van Auken, Brian Gingerich and Steve Buettner, the shop's co-owners, see great things for their beloved new spot. "I have always been a creative with a love for old motorcycles. So this shop is a dream come true," says Van Auken.

The shop is located on SW Industrial Way in Bend and is reminiscent of the kind of garage hangout spot that we grew up watching on family sitcoms. The building is (as the street address suggests) located in an industrial building with large garage doors and vaulted ceilings. The interior is simple and broken off into two sections. The back is where the motor magic happens, featuring more than 75 vintage bikes and a gaggle of spare parts. The shop bit is primarily hidden behind a rustic wood wall, used functionally and esthetically on the front side for an array of hand-made clothing and accessories.

But since this is Chow, let's move onto the food and libations, shall we? Although Spoken Moto doesn't have a menu yet, they do have plans to gear up some grub.

Currently they're offering local pastries from Too Sweet Cakes, Fearless and Sparrow Bakery, which go well with the coffee drinks Moto has on its drink list. The roasting of the coffee is also local, and by "local" I mean, "roasted by Bendite Boys." These hand-roasted caffeinated beans of joy can be identified by the brand name Megaphone Coffee. For good reason, too; that stuff will get you LOUD.

Now for the taps. "On the beer side, we have eight taps and will rotate our menu to feature the best of the craft beer scene," says Van Auken. "We also offer cider, kombucha and wine."

It might not be the first thing you think of, but the place also has an Addy Mac's Ice Cream truck out front. Oh sweet Heavens...yum.

Van Auken did make a special note, however, that Moto will be offering dogs from the Portland-based gourmet sausage company Zenners very soon. And you know what goes great with sausages? Beer. And you know what else goes great with beer? Hanging out with friends.

To that end, grab some buddies and come check this place out. It's worth a gauge and a gander.

Spoken Moto

310 SW Industrial Way, Bend

Tuesday–Saturday, 8am-10pm


Instagram @spokenmoto

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