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Home Improvements and Rate of Return

Where to invest your dollars



The easiest way to receive top dollar for your home is to make it shine in the buyer's eyes and appear as flawless as possible. Renovating a home with the intention of selling requires a different perspective than remodeling to meet the current homeowner's needs and wants. In order to receive the maximum sales price, one must look through the lens of prospective buyers and understand which projects will provide the biggest return on investment. Buyers want to be wowed when they first lay eyes on the home and continue to be impressed once inside the home—but they also want security in a well maintained and properly functioning home. 

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If you're not familiar with the overall condition of the home's systems and components, consider hiring a professional home inspector or consult a trusted general contractor. Their findings and information would be helpful for planning and budgeting your projects. 


It's always suggested to take care of the basics first. Through our experience, we can truly say that maintaining your home will pay off, big time. Make sure paint is touched up, doors and windows are functioning properly, heating and cooling systems have been professionally serviced, necessary caulking is done, lightbulbs are working and anything broken is repaired or replaced.

Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything. Buyers do shop online first, but when they do a drive-by the home needs to look visually appealing from the street. Spend the extra money to tidy up landscaping, add a new front door with an exciting color and style or install new garage doors. If the siding needs replaced and updated, this continuously is one of the best returns on investments and should be considered essential.

Upgrades in Key Rooms

The biggest return, and usually the costliest, will be seen with an updated kitchen and bathrooms. When doing a remodel, it's OK to spend less when possible, but don't cut corners. Instead of installing fancy steam showers or ultra-high-end appliances and skimping in another area, balance it out and complete all necessary projects with reasonably priced materials. Buyers will primarily be focused on flooring, countertops, appliances, sinks, hardware and light fixtures.

Reduce Hassles

Replacing essential items that are past their average lifespan, including roofing, siding, HVAC and water heaters will have a great return on investment and set the home apart from other less-maintained homes. Savvy buyers will be inquiring about the condition of the roof, siding, foundation, heating and cooling systems. These items are expensive and may not leave a budget to complete other renovations, but they're highly important and will help assure the buyer the home's been taken care of.

Efficiency Upgrades

Install low-water-use toilets and plumbing fixtures. Adding insulation to walls, attics and floors can help the home feel more comfortable, while using less energy and will reduce outside noise pollution. Highly efficient Energy Star-certified appliances, smart thermostats and wifi-controlled home devices help give homeowners control from afar and can reduce energy consumption.

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