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Homer Pulls the Plug on His Bubble Blog



The mysterious proprietor of the BendBubble2 blog – I Hate to Burst Your Bubble, alias Homer, alias Butter, alias Paul-Doh – announced Sunday that after almost three years he’s hanging it up.

We have to give Homeboy props for being one of the first, if not THE first, to declare publicly that the emperors of Bend real estate were absolutely buck naked and our boom was a creation of smoke and mirrors as phony as the tourist industry’s claims of 300 days of sunshine and golf in January.

And for three years Homer continued to write perceptively, provocatively and often entertainingly (if you didn’t object to the blood-curdling obscenities) about our local real estate mess, how it got that way and where it’s going. A sample (heavily censored) from this week’s entry:

“This place has been CUT UP into ANT-SIZED plots of dirt, NEVER TO BE UNDONE, in an attempt to profit as much as is humanly possible from what is now an asset that only a (BLEEP)ING PSYCHOPATH would want – a house. But not just a house, a house that is practically INSIDE the (bleep)ing house next door.

“(BLEEP) you (bleep)ing builders, and the Bend City Councilor SELL OUT MOTHER(BLEEP)ERS for doing this. There is no UNDO button for this. These (bleep)holes will act as a blight FOR DECADES on this town.”

As a regular reader, my only gripes were that some of his weekly stream-of-consciousness rants were so long as to be virtually unreadable, and he refused to moderate comments so that his site became a sanctuary for every anonymous nutbag in Central Oregon, and far beyond.

So thanks, goodbye and good luck, Homer – if this really is goodbye. I have a feeling you’re going to pop up in a new incarnation someday, somewhere.

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