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Hood to Coast Documentary Screened Last Night at Old Mill

Hood to Coast documentary was screened as part of NCM Fathom's event last night at Old Mill Regal 16, co-promoted by BendFilm.



Four teams – some fast baby boomers, a bunch of animators, a group of elderly women and a family who recently lost a brother decide to run 197 miles. That’s basically the premise of the film I saw last night, Hood to Coast.

The film, about the race that takes starts every year at Mt. Hood and ends at the Oregon coast, was shown last night at the Regal Old Mill as part of NCM Fathom’s event, which screened the film in 360 theaters nationwide. It was co-promoted by BendFilm, who initially tried to get the film for this year’s BendFilm festival. “[The screening] was a cool alternative to it not being in the festival,” said Orit Schwartz, artistic director at BendFilm.

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I was not expecting to be blown away by a movie about running. Actually, I was expecting to be exhausted, since I can barely run three miles without keeling over and having a heart attack. But this movie made me want to run this race, especially after seeing the group of animators – who’s job at Laika in Portland requires them to be pretty much sedentary for 98% of the day – complete the race.

Basically, I laughed, I cried, and it made me want to run 18 miles, which pretty much has never happened. It also made me stoked for this year’s BendFilm.

The movie is playing in 350 theatres nationwide – and although it probably won’t make it to Bend, I’d highly recommend Netflixing it in a month or so.

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