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House Party: Live music and home comfort in Bend



During the 1940s and early ‘50s, rent parties were an integral part of the Harlem jazz scene. Musicians would show up to jam at someone’s apartment and then pass the hat to raise the next month’s rent money.

On the folk music side, traveling musicians have for years appeared at private house parties in smaller cities and towns while traveling between major city tour stops.

After years of enjoying folk artist house concerts in Northern California, Jeanine Pollak decided to offer some when she moved to Bend.

“In 2006, musician friends called me and said they were coming through town and would I be interested in putting on a house concert for them,” Pollak recalls. “I did and after that put on one concert per year for the next few years.”

Then in 2009, a booking agent got wind of her concerts and helped her up the number of them in her comfortable eastside home to four per year.

“The concerts have taken on a life of their own,” notes Pollak, “I enjoy exposing people to new artists and personally getting to know the artists and their music better?”

Last week, Pollak presented talented Austin, Texas-based guitarist and songwriter, Danny Schmidt. As with all of Pollak’s concerts the atmosphere was relaxed with plenty of interaction between the performer and the audience.

After an hour of playing, Schmidt took a break and the audience moved into Pollak’s small kitchen to feast on all sorts of deserts and sweets that added a special homey touch to the festivities.

Photo by Bob Woodward.

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