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How I Spent My Day: In the era of coronavirus, a lens on lives changing quickly in Central Oregon

Today, hear from Anna Koch, a laid-off ski instructor from Bend

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Editor's note: I think it's safe to say that the vast majority of people are seeing their lives transformed right now. Whether it's having kids underfoot while working from home, applying for unemployment, waiting out the COVID-19 storm from the comfort of home with loved ones around or even engaging in a daily struggle to survive and get basic necessities, Central Oregonians—and all Americans, really—are undergoing vast changes to their lives.

To start offering a sense of what that means for local people, we're rolling out this series, asking local people to share what they did throughout a single day during the pandemic.

Look for new installments of the series on a regular basis, and reach out to if you'd like to share your own story.

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How I Spent My Day: Anna Koch

Name: Anna Koch

Age: 20

Occupation: student / ski instructor / laid off / working on parents’ farm during quarantine

Area of residence (city, town): Bend, OR / staying with parents in Silverton, OR

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I woke up at: 9:30

How I felt upon waking: No purpose as the day is going to be boring.

The first thing I did: Searched for my cat and checked in with parents to see what the day held.

The first thing I ate and drank: A juice my dad made and a vegan raspberry brownie I made last night.

How I spent the rest of my morning: Went in the hot tub, read then came back in and read when it started raining.


How I spent my afternoon: I worked with my dad. We finished turning a fallen log over our creek into a “bridge,” and we chainsawed the top to smoothen it & make it easier to cross. I broke for lunch at: 2:30 but didn’t eat till 5:30.

What I ate for lunch: We made a traditional Danish lunch in honor of our recently passed grandmother.


I ended my work day (if any) at: 4:30

The first thing I did upon finishing work: made dinner/lunch

The thing I looked forward to after finishing work: Going in the hot tub, reading, and playing with my cat and dog.

What I ate for dinner: N/A

What I did to unwind (if any):
I baked a vegan peach crumble, read my book, and played cards with my mom.

What I’m looking forward to tomorrow: Hopefully it’s sunny. Then we won’t have to work in the rain again and we could go for a small hike up to the Silverton tower. I’m also looking forward to reading my book some more, and maybe cooking another new recipe.

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