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How to get your old school high back

Finding ways to access the desired effect you achieved with cannabis in your past is viable



I'm hearing a variation of a complaint/question with increasingly frequency, in both my personal and professional life. (Kidding. I have no personal life.)

"I used to get high back in high school/college, and it was great, I was giggly/creative/happy/had a great time with my friends or by myself. Then I stopped and returned to it/kept doing it but with less frequency, and things turned. I went from being happy/creative to being tired/depressed/paranoid/introverted. I want to get high like I did back in high school/college. What I am doing wrong/need to do differently?"

(Preemptive complaint-based disclaimer: If you're under 21, don't use cannabis. Unless you have an OMMP card, and are 18. Or have epilepsy or chemo, and are under 18. Look, it's complicated. Stay in school, mind the gap, etc.)

It's a fantastic question, with multi-faceted potential answers that exceed the length of this column. Let's cover some ideas to address this. No matter whether you're consuming cannabis for medical or psychological issues, or for any other reason that qualifies as "recreational," finding ways to access the desired effect you achieved with cannabis in your past is viable, via tools both practical and esoteric.

What You Smoking?

Assuming you're now 28 or older, and you were smoking 10+/- years ago, what you're smoking now is most likely nothing like what you were then. Different strains, growing methods, etc. have produced a selection of much stronger and diversified offerings. Work to recall what it was you were smoking back then. (Answering "Really good weed, man," is not helpful. See, this is why you're alone.)

Use the Google and search terms such as "popular weed strains of 20XX or 19XX". Anything ring a bell? Great. Then tell your dispensary you're seeking something on par with those (fill in the blank) strain(s).

Inevitably, you'll be directed to make a counterintuitive choice: a strain with less THC. Insert your own hackneyed "Men and directions, amirite ladies," joke, then do it. Get something with lower THC, because what you used to smoke was most likely lower too.

What's your lab report say?

The information about terpene levels and CBD content is just as important. Certain terpenes support certain effects, so if you can sort that out, finding those terpene levels/combinations is more important than the THC content or even the strain. Consider a strain with higher CBD than THC.

How You Smoking?

Bong, pipe or joint? Cool, those are fun. Perhaps they aren't as pleasurable as they once were, because: smoke, bongs and joints all burn holes. And coughing—Lord, the coughing. Try vaping. Lower temps equal both a mellower/clearer high and better taste, and controlling the temp can control the effects.

Where you smoking?

Are you hiding from your kids in the garage, burning your thumb tamping out a bowl because you think they may have heard you cough, muttering goddamnit that hurts, and where's the Febreeze? Ask yourself: Is this how you used to get high, smoking in fear and relegated to, um, less than comfortable conditions? Screw that noise. Get warm, comfortable, grab your munchies, and you do you. #Nocannashame

Check your head

Things change, and over time, we can become weighed down, burned and scarred, getting our ass kicked by life. Cannabis is an awesome tool to deal and heal, but when you were smoking before, you likely had less baggage. You can't go home again, but you can set your intention to counteract the static in your dome. If you want to be giggly, assign that as your goal for your session. Breathe, let go and have fun, even if you may wonder if you still know how. Which ties into. ...

Entheogens do NOT play

Peyote, mushrooms and cannabis are all etheogens—psychoactive substances well documented for millennia as having use in shamanic, religious and spiritual practices. The word translates to "generating the divine within," and doing so can uncover truths we may have hidden from ourselves. Not every pre-roll reveals the cosmos within, but if smoking brings up all the feels, perhaps examine what the feels mean.

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