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I'm Still Craving Everything From Spork's Pop-Up Supper Club

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending Spork's Pop-Up Supper Club at Cafe Sintra.



Last night, I had the pleasure of attending Spork's Pop-Up Supper Club at Cafe Sintra. Around 30 people showed up to the first of the two-night supper club, and like everyone else, I couldn't wait to see what Spork's executive chef Jeff Hunt could do with a full restaurant instead of a converted airstream. As it turns out, he's pretty amazing.

Hunt, who I learned was never formally trained, turned out a seven-course menu where each dish was better than the last. Hunt plated perfect portions of playful dishes like organic honeycrisp apples tossed in a kimchi puree with applewood bacon and miso cream cheese, and thai sausage and glass noodle-stuffed Draper Valley boneless grilled chicken thigh. The dishes came at a leisurely pace, making the dinner a three hour-long affair that felt more European and familial than anything I've attended in a while.

I sat with Manuel Dos Santos, owner of Cafe Sintra, and his lively group of friends and family, who were not only overjoyed that they were being waited on at their own restaurant but also that the night was such a great success. At the end of the evening, Spork announced that this would not be the last time they host pop-up restaurant nights. Judging from the fact that every single person I talked to last night was bowled over by Hunt's incredible menu, I'm sure Spork will find plenty of mouths to feed whenever they decide to host a night like this. I, for one, will be first in line.

If you missed out last night, there's one more chance - tonight. Tickets can be purchased here.

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